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Molly Landreth

Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America

1. Ducky and Her Friends, Cedar Rapids, IA. 2007 

2. Ashley, Jackson, MS. 2009 I think about my life and how hard it is to be a loud mouth, out of the closet, black lesbian living in the south and how I wouldnt change it for the world. - Ashley

3. Cat and Brittany, Iowa City, IA. 2009 I gave you my heart six years ago and you have cradled it more gently than I have. I promise to hold your heart, your hand, and your body with love and respect and joy yesterday, today and tomorrow. - Cat speaking to Brittany during their wedding ceremony which was held the day after this photograph was taken.

4. Charlie and Honey, Seattle, WA. 2005

5. Cooper, Oakland, CA. 2009 At the second this image is captured, however, I am beaming from the inside out. Cant recall what nudged me toward this moment of joy. But I am grateful for the reminder. - Cooper

6. Gary and Jeremy, Brooklyn, NY. 2005

7. The Jentlemen of Distinction, East Saint Louis, MO. 2009 Being a Jentlemen is about hard work, dedication and being a family. These are my BROTHERS, no matter whatâ?¦. I am PROUD to be a Jentlemen. I hold my head up high and proud! - Dusty of The Jentlemen of Distinction

8. Nomy, Oakland, CA

9. Chickadee and Her Family, Concrete, WA. 

10. Jesus, Dallas, TX. 2009 Thank you so much for doing this project as well as allowing me to become a part of it. You guys came into my life during a chapter of my metamorphosis where I felt that I had no chance at life and I have found an immense source of inspiration from you alls presence. - Jesus 

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what a strange dog 

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Daniel is Milo Thatch. Oh my god. I love him.

what these guys? pshhhhhh nooooooooo 




This has endeared him to me so much I can’t function.

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Sorry, not sorry. XD

m-azing I won’t ease off your ass until u watch this

that sure was two minutes I spent staring at a man’s ass

what game is this?

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“It’s a movie about togetherness. It’s a movie about connecting. It’s a movie about trusting each other, because we are all inside the same robot.”

Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim commentary (via geiszlerandgaila)


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holy shit

look at this

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video omg 


Imagine your favorite character trying on really frilly skirts and putting flowers in their hair

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